Flamescape – The next generation of RS private servers.

Do you love to play video games? Or even more specific MMORPGs? Or maybe even Runescape? Well, there is a new fun game out there that is free to play (f2p). This game is just like Runescape, but a smaller community that is developing quickly. This game even has new quests that Runescape doesn’t have. So if your one of those quest nerds, and you’ve done them all maybe you should try out Flamescape. I for one played Runescape and watched it developed, and discovered private servers a few years ago. I have owned private servers in World of Warcraft (WoW) and Runescape (RS). However, a few months ago I was browsing servers to get what others enjoy, so that I could add it to my server. I bumped into Flamescape and practically became addicted. I dropped my server a few weeks later because I did not have time with school, my private server, and Flamescape. I was later asked to become a moderator there, and I accepted it knowing that it would be a smart decision as moderator in future months would be a great deal harder. Now I am an administrator there along with a few others, and enjoy playing it daily. I am on a campaign right now to get more users for the server, so they can share and spread the word about our server. If you try our server out you will most likely love it, and there is practically nothing you’ll lose besides a few minutes of time that you would be bored doing nothing. Maybe you’ll find it interesting and start to play like me. If your interested please visit us at http://www.flamescape.biz . I would really appreciate it if you signed up and atleast gave the server a chance.