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Please post a comment and give some suggestions here. I will comment your blog if you comment mine. =]


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  1. Hi! Nice site!

  2. Dear Matthew,
    Its really good to see your wonderful site.
    great. keep it up.
    A Friend from India

  3. I love your site!

  4. Dearest Matthew,
    WE HATE YOU WITH A BURNING PASSION, AND WE HOPE THAT WE HAD NEVER MET YOU!! You are soo boring and you never stop talking! We hope that you will never talk to us again, BUBI!

    Hatred always,
    Emily and Sophia. xoxo

  5. hi this is a great site!! :)))

  6. Heyyy!
    this is such a great site!
    i really want to meet you sometime 🙂

    love always,
    andres 🙂

  7. Hey Jack Eoff
    I agree this site is great

  8. I am cheating on my bf Emily and would totally like to meet you Matthew. You can meet our pool boy Raoul…later!

    Love Always, Sophia!

  9. I love nerds.

  10. I love green/moldy diseases and green lotion rubbed by David Queen.
    P.S. i want a Webcam.

  11. Andres how could you post such a thing and then use Caleb … Puke-it… as your disguise? We all know you love nerds and you especially love matthew, but come on… PUKE-IT???

  12. idk why u guys always fight ,and u should know that every 1 is laughing @ u lol so am i! sorry about ths Caleb ur weird i would use some thing else but u might cry . plus nerds are awesome lol and so is mattew I agree this site is great and u should get a web cam i have 1 but i never use it lol


  13. wow! emily u r mean jk 🙂 lol i luv u guys bye i have 2 go 2 work 😦

  14. be 4 i go mattew i luv ur blog lol, as long as ur not i repeat not like Andres lol jk

    love always,

  15. india wow thats pretty far from where i live in indiana 2 hours away from indianapolis

  16. lol bye:) ps my bf says hi his name is sam but i luv elmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol and big bird and goofy from micky mouse:):)


  17. wow how many people talk on here? i juts found this sight and goofy is pretty amazing so is elmo . funny thing really this sight is about bullying right? well bringing that up i get bullied alot not physical but verbal wat should i do? just wondering because it’s getting worse. it’s one of my old friends i think shes jelouse of me

  18. bye i hope to here from u guyes soon

  19. Have you met our super hot girlfriend Raouls?? She is amazing and you two should totally get together sometime…anyhoo, we’ve gotta go to our man club to get our nails done…BBYYYEEE!

    xoxo you die
    SoFire Gaidss

  20. Abbey, I would tell either a parent or teacher that you trust. Though if it’s just verbal then I would ignore it unless they are spreading nasty rumors about you, in which you should try to live in a away that no one will belive them.

    BYEEE Abby, I wish you good luck on your problem!!!

    -Matthew Albert

  21. High Five!!!….
    Who’s Gay?!?!

  22. heyheyhey nice site =D

  23. sfor got to add flamescape rocks play it !
    laugh, cry, punch Detrox in the face XD

  24. Hey Matthew!
    Nice site, almost as good as mine []=

    Remember crack still ain’t wack!

  25. WTF! This is Retarted!

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