Are you a Geek and want to blog?

Are you a geek and would like to blog? Well, if so I have the perfect site for you. It is one of my wanna-be’s mini sites from that he creates. This site was created by Chris Pirillo who used to be a TV Star, but now does internet blogging and other things for money now. Now getting back on topic; you can create a blog here for FREE. I know there are many other places that you can do so, but this is a VERY smart choice to make. The community is great and your articles will be read by geeks that are in your specific area as well as all the other users just browsing around. The site has only been open about a month and is bringing in hundreds of members a day. This might be the next wordpress, but it is smaller so you can get a more customized set of viewers. You can check this blogging site out at .


Georgia finally starting to refill water supply

Many of you already know from my previous post about Georgia being in a drought. However, as I said I believed that we would slowly get out of this and now we are. I am not saying we are 100% safe and that we should not be allowed to use all the water we want, but I do not think we will run out. Most small lakes/ponds in Georgia are around 85-95% full which is what they should be at. The main problem still is that Lake Lanier is really down and that is a huge water source for Atlanta and other places. Even though we have gotten a gigantic amount of water it is not even close and I believe it is like 50% full and it is 17 ft down or so. My lake in my backyard is full now where it was 5 years ago which I am really glad about and luckily the ecosystem there did not suffer. I believe within 2 years Lake Lanier will be 85%-95% full again and we will not have watering restrictions. I want to hear what you think about this, so just leave a comment.

Why do Wint-O-Green Life Savers spark in the dark?

This is a very interesting explanation of why this happens just incase your wondering. If you have a moment of free time sit down relax and read this and maybe even try it out. The sparks are not dangerous and remember you MUST be in a dark room.

Actually, all hard sugar-based candies emit some degree of light when you bite them, but most of the time, that light is very faint. This effect is called triboluminescence, which is similar to the electrical charge build-up that produces lightning, only much less grand. Triboluminescence is the emission of light resulting from something being smashed or torn. When you rip a piece of tape off the roll, it will produce a slight glow for the same reason.

Triboluminescence occurs when molecules, in this case crystalline sugars, are crushed, forcing some electrons out of their atomic fields. These free electrons bump into nitrogen molecules in the air. When they collide, the electrons impart energy to the nitrogen molecules, causing them to vibrate. In this excited state, and in order to get rid of the excess energy, these nitrogen molecules emit light — mostly ultraviolet (nonvisible) light, but they do emit a small amount of visible light as well. This is why all hard, sugary candies will produce a faint glow when cracked.

But when you bite into a Wint-O-Green Life Saver, a much greater amount of visible light can be seen.

This brighter light is produced by the wintergreen flavoring. Methyl salicylate, or oil of wintergreen, is fluorescent, meaning it absorbs light of a shorter wavelength and then emits it as light of a longer wavelength. Ultraviolet light has a shorter wavelength than visible light. So when a Wint-O-Green Life Saver is crushed between your teeth, the methyl salicylate molecules absorb the ultraviolet, shorter wavelength light produced by the excited nitrogen, and re-emit it as light of the visible spectrum, specifically as blue light — thus the blue sparks that jump out of your mouth when you crunch on a Wint-O-Green Life Saver. “