User Limit, Domain, And Other Information

    Our website currently will have a user limit. We have to have a user limit unless we get more donations. We can have 35 users max until we get enough money for it. It will cost approximately $35 per year or we can buy $0.25 per day. If you would like to donate now would be a good time. All donations will go toward the website. If you do donate please donate by making a account (make sure it isn’t and buy credits. The credits are the system for getting upgrades.

Our website will be getting a domain shortly. As I said before I guaranteed a domain at 100,000 hits. I will try to stick with it, but if we have only a little bit of activity and lots of hits, then it is very bad. We need you to do your part by posting comments. If I see this website more active, then there will be more incentive to get the domain. It will obviously cost money, so all donations will work.

Also in other news I am very glad. We are over 2000 site hits which is outstanding for the short period of time we have been here. I don’t know what I am doing right, but I will try to keep it up. In addition, I request that you try your hardest to invite friends to come and be active. Also I need you on your best behavior because I can’t be moderating your actions, mainly your comments, 24/7. I will start allowing a few others to be able to write posts too soon. To earn this right you must be active, follow rules, and have my trust.


Site Popularity Increase

Wowzers! Our site has jumped up increasing very quickly. We will have over 1000 hits in less than 2 days. That is amazing for being a 2 day old site. I am looking in on some upgrades to the site. FYI: These weren’t advertised by me, but by you fellow citizens. Thanks so much for helping this site grow and remember to keep advertising.

Site Traffic Increase

Recently I have decided to increase site traffic. My goal is for about 10,000 hits by the end of this month. This site probably can reach it, but I need your help. I am advertising as much as possible being fair, but I need you to tell all your friends. Just tell them to check it out once. They might enjoy coming here occasionally. Even if they don’t they now know that this site isn’t for them. As we increase on members we will be needing more space. I will deal with getting more space once the time comes.  If you know any good sites to get members please tell me.

Blog News: Premium Status

Well, I am working on the blog again today. It is going okay right now. A few conflicts, but I am resolving them… I would like to announce a few statuses I will be adding. If you donate to the site then you will get Premium status. Please note you must donate 10 credits or more. You are allowed to donate less, but you won’t get Premium status. I am working on the special abilities, and things donators will get. If we can get about 15 credits + a month, then our site will become greatly better. I need your help or else this site can never hit its full potential.

Also, I will be giving contributor status away. This is not something where you can just donate. You must earn it, and it can only be given by me. You must comment many posts, be nice, and be helpful to earn this. I will release more information in a few weeks about this.


Matthew Albert

Future Updates

The blog is going along very well… I must remind everyone once again that it is under construction. At times it will be down and I can not help it. I will be spending 1 hour + every day. I do not have time to spend all day on a blog however. All comments are loved and will help support this blog. The more people the better it is. I am planning a system to help gain better traffic dealing with a spot on site. I also am going to get a domain as soon as I can.

Affiliates Spots

I am currently giving away 1,000 affiliate spots! They are all currently for free. Once we hit 100,000 hits the affiliates that are there will stay and be up for free, but new ones will appear at the top. However, once we hit 100,000 hits we will charge $1 (USD) per month. This is only to help support our site. This site takes money to run and we need your support. We will try to upgrade as much as possible.


Hello everyone! This is my first post ever! Hopefully I will have many posts to come. This is my first time using a WordPress Blog. It seems really cool and I am learning how to use it. It will take me a month or so to get used to it. I will be updating this site a lot because I have just made it. This will be a little time consuming, but it will be worth it. This blog will be a fun activity that will waste some time, yet be cool to look back on.

Today I have been feeling pretty good. I relaxed pretty much all day sitting back watching T.V, going on Youtube, searching google, and a bunch of other things. I am so glad because it is a 4 day weekend. It stinks how quickly time is flying. Already 1 of the days is gone. I am not sure what I will do tomorrow. Going to change clocks before I go to bed. Well, I guess that’s it.


Matthew Albert