Flamescape – The next generation of RS private servers.

Do you love to play video games? Or even more specific MMORPGs? Or maybe even Runescape? Well, there is a new fun game out there that is free to play (f2p). This game is just like Runescape, but a smaller community that is developing quickly. This game even has new quests that Runescape doesn’t have. So if your one of those quest nerds, and you’ve done them all maybe you should try out Flamescape. I for one played Runescape and watched it developed, and discovered private servers a few years ago. I have owned private servers in World of Warcraft (WoW) and Runescape (RS). However, a few months ago I was browsing servers to get what others enjoy, so that I could add it to my server. I bumped into Flamescape and practically became addicted. I dropped my server a few weeks later because I did not have time with school, my private server, and Flamescape. I was later asked to become a moderator there, and I accepted it knowing that it would be a smart decision as moderator in future months would be a great deal harder. Now I am an administrator there along with a few others, and enjoy playing it daily. I am on a campaign right now to get more users for the server, so they can share and spread the word about our server. If you try our server out you will most likely love it, and there is practically nothing you’ll lose besides a few minutes of time that you would be bored doing nothing. Maybe you’ll find it interesting and start to play like me. If your interested please visit us at http://www.flamescape.biz . I would really appreciate it if you signed up and atleast gave the server a chance.


Stupid comments really needed?

Have you ever been annoyed by stupid comments? Well, most people have and it is an interesting topic. These comments are made by practically everyone and they don’t even realize it. I for one just ignore them, but some are so stupid I laugh about them. However, sometimes they hurt feelings and if they hurt feelings then it is personal and I get mad. When someone says “Please don’t pass gas or you will be in trouble!” they are just really rude. Passing gas is bad enough because it isn’t controllable, but to say not to is ridiculous. Also to punish someone for something they have practically no control over. There are so many other examples of stupid comments and sometimes they are bullying, but I just want to know your opinion on stupid comments. Also I would like to hear some of the stupidest comments you have ever heard.

Two popular shows on two different channels at same time

Have you ever had two of your favorite shows on different channels at the same time? Well, if you have you know what it feels like especially if you can’t record it. You have to choose one show over the other and a lot of times that is a hard decision. It isn’t as bad for me however though because I usually record one on my Dish DVR and watch the other one live. However, it still bothers me that I can’t watch both shows live at the same time. You just don’t get the same feeling when it is not live even though you can skip through the commercials which is an amazing thing. An example would be like tonight Dancing with the Stars and American Idol are on. You can not watch either one fully without missing part of the other one. I do not know if the two shows are trying to battle it out and steal viewers or what, but it really bothers me. It might be that it is just a coincidence and they had to schedule it then because there were no other spots. I want to hear opinions of what you think about this.

What is the best notebook for a college student?

Many parents wonder “What laptop should I get my child when he goes to college?”. If you have someone going to college next year and you haven’t started to think about this, then it is a good time. Most people know that most popular colleges whether public or private either require or recommend having a laptop. A student MOST LIKELY will not succeed unless they get a laptop, but it does not have to be a very expensive laptop. Many people do not understand that you have to research to get the right laptop. Certain laptops will cost $1,500 and be not so great quality or equal quality to a $800 laptop. Now I am not saying to go buy some $300 Dell laptop. By the way in case you do not know Dell is not known for their laptops. Well, actually they are known for their BAD laptops and they do not focus on laptops. Therefor I suggest that you do not go with a Dell laptop. However, Dell computers are great just not their notebooks. Mac or Windows are the 2 OS (Operating Systems) you are going to want to choose from. Personally, I have used Macintosh computers, but I have never owned one . Macs are a lot harder to operate if you have not used them before, so I suggest not to get one unless you are very tech savy or are willing to take a risk. Macs have lots of problems often and it is a lot harder to get support to them. Lets now move onto a brand called IBM ThinkPad. This is not the ideal college computer a student would want because it does not look that nice, but it is really a great computer for a student. It looks more like a computer for a business person, but it is really great for a college student. Infact, it is even recommended under the top 2 computers to get for your child at Clemson. I better talk now about why this is a great computer. The computer is not huge and bulky and it has great battery power which is nice. The computer is not way underpowered and the resolution is pretty nice. I have used a few IBM ThinkPads and one I have used for 7 years and it still works. When you are shopping I highly suggest you do some research and don’t just go by how nice it looks on the outside. Look at all the technical information and compare it with other laptops/notebooks. Happy notebook shopping!

Kids getting paid to get tutored?

Recently a few weeks ago a decision was made for kids to get paid to stay after school and get tutored. There has been a lot of chatter about this being a good or a bad idea, but it seems to have both pros and cons. Right now the kids are set on an 15 week track where they get paid $8 per hour to be tutored after school. Also the students may receive bonuses for higher grades and better attendance to school. The hopes are that the students will possibly look forward to going to school and start to want to do well. Most kids believe this is not right and they talk about how they have problems, but they can still keep their grades up. There is no way to see if this will be a success or not till the end, and I will be writing about it once the 15 weeks are over.

Is Vista really worth its price?

Many people are constantly picking on Windows Vista. Windows Vista is an OS (Operating System) created by Microsoft. Most people either love it or hate it. Personally I do not have much experience with it, but the experience I have had with it had been very useful. When I used it I just tried everything out that I could think of, but I did not get to every tiny little good or bad thing.  There were some things I loved and some that I thought were just okay, but there was nothing I truly hated. The price for one Vista operating system on a computer costs way more than Windows XP. Many people complain saying the that Vista is way overpriced, but if you think of how many advantages it has it isn’t. Whenever a OS comes out at first it will always be considered expensive, and it drops price after time. The same thing happened with Windows XP, but not as bad. Windows XP is doing amazing now, and it had the same problems as Vista. I love the look and style of the new operating system personally, and people complain without ever even using it. It is very sad to see the operating system go down the drain when it has such a potential. Most of the people dissing have never even used it or experienced what they are complaining about. On XP you can not even get close to matching how nice Vista looks. Vista is technically the best from start menu to task bars. However, it does have one disadvantage which is it is slower due to memory usage. I currently use Windows XP and my next computer I switch to will be Vista. My XP is actually customized through hours of work to look kind of like Vista however it isn’t the exact same. Most people don’t have the time to do what I do or they are challenged by technology too much to be able to do this. It also is quite dangerous and risky for the computer because it is editing with some powerful changes that can prevent your computer from being able to do something and preventing it to revert changes. There are programs that are more reliable, but I did not use them. I am just getting sick of seeing people complain about Windows Vista when they don’t know anything about it. You can never trust someone’s word without loads of backup and facts. In my opinion Vista is 100% worth buying and people are just making assumptions.

Public Colleges Getting Ridiculously Hard To Get Into

Each year colleges get harder and harder to get into. It isn’t just private colleges, but also public colleges. They have sky rocketing requirements that are becoming crazy. University of Georgia is one of the #1 public universities in Georgia. It used to be where you could have a 1225 and 3.5 (unweighted) and get into it about 4 years ago. Now you may not even get in if you have a 1300 and 3.75 GPA. This has been a gradual increase, and not just a big bump in one year. From my knowledge this year will be a huge jump up. The demand for people wanting to go to UGA increases every year, and this year there are a tremendous amount of people wanting to go there. That means that they are going to get even tougher this year. I thought they would never get harder than 1275 by a few years, but WOW was I wrong. I was planning on trying to go there when I get older, but I know I can’t have all A’s my whole 4 years, and have a 1450. Who knows it might even be harder to get in since of the demand of students. Not only have the requirements gone up, but also the prices have sky rocketed. Please express your thoughts on this post.