What is the best notebook for a college student?

Many parents wonder “What laptop should I get my child when he goes to college?”. If you have someone going to college next year and you haven’t started to think about this, then it is a good time. Most people know that most popular colleges whether public or private either require or recommend having a laptop. A student MOST LIKELY will not succeed unless they get a laptop, but it does not have to be a very expensive laptop. Many people do not understand that you have to research to get the right laptop. Certain laptops will cost $1,500 and be not so great quality or equal quality to a $800 laptop. Now I am not saying to go buy some $300 Dell laptop. By the way in case you do not know Dell is not known for their laptops. Well, actually they are known for their BAD laptops and they do not focus on laptops. Therefor I suggest that you do not go with a Dell laptop. However, Dell computers are great just not their notebooks. Mac or Windows are the 2 OS (Operating Systems) you are going to want to choose from. Personally, I have used Macintosh computers, but I have never owned one . Macs are a lot harder to operate if you have not used them before, so I suggest not to get one unless you are very tech savy or are willing to take a risk. Macs have lots of problems often and it is a lot harder to get support to them. Lets now move onto a brand called IBM ThinkPad. This is not the ideal college computer a student would want because it does not look that nice, but it is really a great computer for a student. It looks more like a computer for a business person, but it is really great for a college student. Infact, it is even recommended under the top 2 computers to get for your child at Clemson. I better talk now about why this is a great computer. The computer is not huge and bulky and it has great battery power which is nice. The computer is not way underpowered and the resolution is pretty nice. I have used a few IBM ThinkPads and one I have used for 7 years and it still works. When you are shopping I highly suggest you do some research and don’t just go by how nice it looks on the outside. Look at all the technical information and compare it with other laptops/notebooks. Happy notebook shopping!


Saxophone Squeaking

By: Matthew Albert

Ever wondered why your saxophone is squeaking? Well, I have a little article that might help solve the problem. There are various reasons why you might squeak. However, first I better tell you about squeaking. If you don’t know many new players make a high pitched squeak noise. This is due to them doing something wrong like tonguing too hard. I have been playing for about 3 years, but would consider myself quite informed about the saxophone. I can’t say I am amazing, but I can say I can sight-read and know all my scales. Also, I love to play lyrical etudes and can play over 25 of them superbly. One of the main problems with new players is that they have bad mouth posture. They usually are too tight due to being nervous. If you are too tight then you will run into some serious problems. For example, you might stop the air flow between the reed. If you stop the air flow the reed will not be able to vibrate, therefor not giving you a sound. Another reason people squeak is because they tongue too hard. It takes lots of practice to tongue just right. Sometimes it will take about a month or so just to be able to stop squeaking when tonguing.

Now I have some ways to practice, so you get better and don’t squeak. First off, you should do tongue exercises. You need to try to sound as graceful and smooth as possible. Try saying ta-ta-ta over and over. Then try blowing into your instrument with your tongue doing the same movements when you say ta-ta-ta. If you are too tight, then try to relax. Take big breaths before you play and loosen up. Also you might need to bite up farther on your mouth piece or less. If you do this then in a few weeks you should have no problem.