About Matthew Albert

Matthew Albert is a man that is 15 years old. Matthew is in 9th grade currently, and he is a good student. Matthew is on the shorter side and currently lives in the United States. He has a very busy life, but it is very interesting. He loves to play sports such as basketball. Matthew’s favorite sport to watch is football. Some sport teams that he likes are the Falcons, Patriots, Braves, Nets, and Yankees. One thing he likes to do is play his Saxophone. Matthew takes lessons from an expert player. He has been playing the Saxophone for 3 and a half years, and hopes he can continue to improve and enjoy playing it.  Some things that Matthew likes to do are go on the computer, watch television, sleep, go to the movies, play sports, hang out, play his saxophone, and play his Wii. If you get to know him he is extremely interesting and fun to hang around with.

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