Are you a Geek and want to blog?

Are you a geek and would like to blog? Well, if so I have the perfect site for you. It is one of my wanna-be’s mini sites from that he creates. This site was created by Chris Pirillo who used to be a TV Star, but now does internet blogging and other things for money now. Now getting back on topic; you can create a blog here for FREE. I know there are many other places that you can do so, but this is a VERY smart choice to make. The community is great and your articles will be read by geeks that are in your specific area as well as all the other users just browsing around. The site has only been open about a month and is bringing in hundreds of members a day. This might be the next wordpress, but it is smaller so you can get a more customized set of viewers. You can check this blogging site out at .