Stupid comments really needed?

Have you ever been annoyed by stupid comments? Well, most people have and it is an interesting topic. These comments are made by practically everyone and they don’t even realize it. I for one just ignore them, but some are so stupid I laugh about them. However, sometimes they hurt feelings and if they hurt feelings then it is personal and I get mad. When someone says “Please don’t pass gas or you will be in trouble!” they are just really rude. Passing gas is bad enough because it isn’t controllable, but to say not to is ridiculous. Also to punish someone for something they have practically no control over. There are so many other examples of stupid comments and sometimes they are bullying, but I just want to know your opinion on stupid comments. Also I would like to hear some of the stupidest comments you have ever heard.


2 Responses

  1. I can tell that you are a fagggg in school… I can’t even believe that you would actually admit that you can’t control YOUR farts… then you get pissed at people for making fun of you for it……LOMAROFL

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