Georgia finally starting to refill water supply

Many of you already know from my previous post about Georgia being in a drought. However, as I said I believed that we would slowly get out of this and now we are. I am not saying we are 100% safe and that we should not be allowed to use all the water we want, but I do not think we will run out. Most small lakes/ponds in Georgia are around 85-95% full which is what they should be at. The main problem still is that Lake Lanier is really down and that is a huge water source for Atlanta and other places. Even though we have gotten a gigantic amount of water it is not even close and I believe it is like 50% full and it is 17 ft down or so. My lake in my backyard is full now where it was 5 years ago which I am really glad about and luckily the ecosystem there did not suffer. I believe within 2 years Lake Lanier will be 85%-95% full again and we will not have watering restrictions. I want to hear what you think about this, so just leave a comment.


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