Is Vista really worth its price?

Many people are constantly picking on Windows Vista. Windows Vista is an OS (Operating System) created by Microsoft. Most people either love it or hate it. Personally I do not have much experience with it, but the experience I have had with it had been very useful. When I used it I just tried everything out that I could think of, but I did not get to every tiny little good or bad thing.  There were some things I loved and some that I thought were just okay, but there was nothing I truly hated. The price for one Vista operating system on a computer costs way more than Windows XP. Many people complain saying the that Vista is way overpriced, but if you think of how many advantages it has it isn’t. Whenever a OS comes out at first it will always be considered expensive, and it drops price after time. The same thing happened with Windows XP, but not as bad. Windows XP is doing amazing now, and it had the same problems as Vista. I love the look and style of the new operating system personally, and people complain without ever even using it. It is very sad to see the operating system go down the drain when it has such a potential. Most of the people dissing have never even used it or experienced what they are complaining about. On XP you can not even get close to matching how nice Vista looks. Vista is technically the best from start menu to task bars. However, it does have one disadvantage which is it is slower due to memory usage. I currently use Windows XP and my next computer I switch to will be Vista. My XP is actually customized through hours of work to look kind of like Vista however it isn’t the exact same. Most people don’t have the time to do what I do or they are challenged by technology too much to be able to do this. It also is quite dangerous and risky for the computer because it is editing with some powerful changes that can prevent your computer from being able to do something and preventing it to revert changes. There are programs that are more reliable, but I did not use them. I am just getting sick of seeing people complain about Windows Vista when they don’t know anything about it. You can never trust someone’s word without loads of backup and facts. In my opinion Vista is 100% worth buying and people are just making assumptions.