Public Colleges Getting Ridiculously Hard To Get Into

Each year colleges get harder and harder to get into. It isn’t just private colleges, but also public colleges. They have sky rocketing requirements that are becoming crazy. University of Georgia is one of the #1 public universities in Georgia. It used to be where you could have a 1225 and 3.5 (unweighted) and get into it about 4 years ago. Now you may not even get in if you have a 1300 and 3.75 GPA. This has been a gradual increase, and not just a big bump in one year. From my knowledge this year will be a huge jump up. The demand for people wanting to go to UGA increases every year, and this year there are a tremendous amount of people wanting to go there. That means that they are going to get even tougher this year. I thought they would never get harder than 1275 by a few years, but WOW was I wrong. I was planning on trying to go there when I get older, but I know I can’t have all A’s my whole 4 years, and have a 1450. Who knows it might even be harder to get in since of the demand of students. Not only have the requirements gone up, but also the prices have sky rocketed. Please express your thoughts on this post.


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