Kids Addicted To Games

It seems everyday a larger number of kids are addicted to games. The games they are addicted for them are not bad in normal usage, but in large amounts they can be terrible. Studies show that WoW gets about 30-40% of the players on it addicted the first time. The game uses special techniques to make players want to play more and more. The addiction is harder to kill than quitting Crystal Meth. Many people believe that the game triggers a part of your game, and it almost “hypnotizes” you. WoW is not the only game that is addicting. Runescape is another addicting game and it is an MMORPG. It is very hard to quit, and I know this for a fact because I had to quit and it took about a year. I still have urges to come back and play it. All it takes for me is one day back and there is atleast a month for me to quit again. Blocking all the ports and websites will not stop these gamers. Some parents wonder what to do, but there is no one solution. Even taking their computer away will do no good, and it may cause depression. Kids can get combative if they do not get to play their game when they want to. Please leave thoughts about this.


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  1. i Game and i love it….. i love world of warcraft 8)

    Bladragon Academy!!!

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