Chetah Girl Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars

Last week there was a stunner on the elimination night. No one thought that the Chetah Girl would go home. That night it was a shocker because Cameron and Sobrina were in the bottom two. Many people were thinking Cameron is gone for sure, but all the sudden they said Sobrina. The judges were very amazed by how this had happened. That day they used the excuse that everyone would vote for her, so people didn’t need to vote for her. Whether or not this was true it was still horrible. The hosts said that sometimes a stunner is what an audience needs to get a wake up call. The next day she was inteviewed on “Good Morning America”, and she said she did do some things wrong. First off she admitted that she did not take judges input much from last time and she was told that overdoing it would possibly comeback dangerously. She thanked her partner, and now she is back home. I believe however that she was not voted off due to laziness, but because she did not do that good of a job. I am by no means saying she did a bad job, but she just had a bad week. Everyone does so  good that you can’t have a bad week ever. There are a few occasions where it can fly, but she didn’t get lucky enough to get one of those occasions. This week in support everyone wore a paw to honor her. Hopefully she is happy and doing okay.


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