Xbox 360 Online Player Behavior

Have you ever been insulted because you sounded young, were playing bad, or some other bad thing? Well, I used to have the same things happen to me on Xbox 360. Young players now-a-days do not get the same treatment from older players. Someone might be 14 with a little high of a voice for a 14 year old and be called “gay” or “sucky”. Also people are like “Everyone mute this noob with a high person!” These people are just very wrong and don’t need to play. They can simply mute the player they are annoyed by because usually the player isn’t doing it on purpose. It seems to many people, including me, that they enjoy this type of harassment. If you do this you are not only hurting your team if your on that persons team, but you truly do annoy others. Others are scared to do it because they think they will lose their reputation if they stick up for someone being bullied. For example in Halo 3 many times they will be extremely rude in the lobby. The ones that are rude usually put their team down the whole game with mean comments and actually end up doing pretty bad. It just really bothers me because they don’t understand we all don’t have perfect lives. They don’t even think that sometimes they have a bad game. It really makes me wonder “Did this spread because of them getting teased?” I think this might be the reason because they want others to have to feel the pain. So next time you see someone online getting insulted for no valid reason stand up for the victim. Please leave thoughts on how you feel when this happens to you or a friend.


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