Myspace Advertising Opinion

Myspace has been having a lot of advertising problems. They have taken many steps to stop it, but it is just to big to halt. The main way marketers advertise is by posting on their website. Usually they do this by hacking the person and posting a picture or ad. The hacker makes it easy because they usually have macros to do it for them, and it gets the word out to many people. One step Myspace has taken is allow a user to make people have to get their comment approved by the profile owner before it appears to other. This appears so far to be working out a lot better, however the advertisers still can advertise to these people. It happens to almost every account because they find ways to key log you for your password. Once they get your password there is no way to stop them. Facebook does not have this problem, and I am trying to figure out why. I believe it is probably because Myspace is easier to give viruses or that Myspace is older. Please express your thoughts on this topic.


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