Site Traffic Increase

Recently I have decided to increase site traffic. My goal is for about 10,000 hits by the end of this month. This site probably can reach it, but I need your help. I am advertising as much as possible being fair, but I need you to tell all your friends. Just tell them to check it out once. They might enjoy coming here occasionally. Even if they don’t they now know that this site isn’t for them. As we increase on members we will be needing more space. I will deal with getting more space once the time comes.  If you know any good sites to get members please tell me.


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  1. Howdy – I just started a new wordpress blog and am looking to build traffic and get more links myself. I’d love to exchange links as mentioned in your “want more traffic on your site?” text box on the right. I’ll add you to my blogroll and hope you’ll reciprocate:

    BTW – as you increase your audience and continue building traffic I hope you write about it. It’s hard to build up a new site (my other blog is 2 years old and finally has decent number with Technorati, Google, etc.) and would be interesting to read about your progress. Best of luck!

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