Runnng Low on Water in Georgia Issue

I believe that the water issues in Georgia have been dealt with awkwardly. A few months ago the water issue did not even make a tiny spot on the newspaper. They did not even think about it happening even though they knew that it was going to become huge. The state just didn’t even think about it, and they were thinking about other issues. It appalled my GA Studies class in the beginning of the year. We try to keep up to date with problems and current events. All along we knew what was going to happen. However, they are more concerned over some men having pants worn too baggy. I mean get a grip on yourself. They probably know they were fools now because many people were concerned and just now they are jumping in a great amount. We could have had more time to think of plans if they had brought the issue up. They knew that there was an issue over a year ago when they put watering restrictions. However, they put it aside and have been ignoring it or acting like it is a small thing. All the states around Georgia are practically fighting for water from the Chattahoochee. They are constantly trying to sue Cobb County, Georgia for taking too much water. However in Georgia many people are aware that we have many people near Cobb County and Atlanta. If you have a mass population then you need to be able to deal with it with more supplies. I feel that the State of Georgia was very inconsiderate. Now they have put a total water ban outside. Many Car Washes and other businesses are severely hurt because they have tried to make up, but it just isn’t enough. Also residents are very disappointed because they can’t water their grass. On the other side the State seems all like “Oooooh, well we said you can water for 30 days after you get landscape on that area.” Well, I was okay with that because we had aeration and seeding done greatly a few weeks ago. The company did a splendid job ripping a lot out. It has been a few weeks now and it looks amazing. However, about 5 days ago Georgia issued you must renew your passes and you can only use watering from landscaping 15 days every 6 months. That meant that we could not water as well as many other people. Now we have spent all this money and we have to stop watering. I know the water level is bad because I have a small Lake/Pond in my backyard and it is 5-10 feet down. It is very bad, but my question is are we really going to lose all our water. I mean knock some sense into yourself. I know this winter is supposed to be a dry and cold winter, but we won’t run out. They keep miscalculating how many days we will have drinking water. Recently, they noticed Lake Altoona had over 100 days more drinking water than what they thought. I mean this is a huge amount. I just believe that the water issue has gone absurd.


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  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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