Losing Sport Team Coaches Never Getting Fired

Sometimes I wonder why coaches stay when their team always loses. You would think that they would go, but in some cases that is not the truth. In some cases though it isn’t the coaches it is the players. However, in many cases it is defiantly the coaches. For example, a high school football team loses about every game except for one or two. If they do this for many years, then it seems that you would need a new coach. If a coach is old and he used to have a winning team, but in last 5 years he hasn’t won much at all. I would fire him because it hurts the school’s spirit sometimes. I can understand if he is a great coach, but sometimes you got to do the best for the team. The school should knock some sense into themselves before acting like they will never win. Sometimes you have to experiment with a new coach. I do believe you must give a coach 3-4 years before you can see really how good they are. I know that some schools have horrible sports for various reasons, but a team that was so good once that turns to nothing. That just is outrageous to me because there is always a reason behind it. Some coaches just do it, and don’t really enjoy it. If your coach doesn’t enjoy it, then why is he doing it? The players don’t win if he doesn’t try his hardest. This is just how I feel about bad coaches never getting fired.


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