Facebook Age Limit

One topic I think is very interesting is the Facebook age limit. It is kind of weird saying that you have to be in high school, but there is age requirement. I know many people do not follow this rule because they find themselves as “cool” as high schoolers. I am not in high school, but I do have a Facebook. I believe that if you are mature and are 14 + you should be able to have a Facebook profile. I could be in 9th grade however I started a year late. Also Facebook has special exceptions like some kids can get in because they go to a certain church or organization. I understand why they have this, but who really would want to follow this rule. If it was you had to be in Middle School I would understand. I do know that then it would become a thing where Elementary Kids would get a Facebook. It just is a little awkward thing that I have thought about recently. Please leave some comments about your opinion.


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  1. i think you should be 13. i am 13 and all my friends have a facebook, and i have recently got one. it is safer than myspace so my parents would rather have me on that. i thought the age requirement was 13..?? Anybody know?

    ps. dont reply to my email its obviously fake.

  2. On the Facebook policy page it says you have to be 13 + to join Facebook. They also encourage you to ask permission from your parents before you join.

  3. I want one soooooooooooooooooo much

  4. I agree, MA. My son and I just tried to sign him up but as he is 12, no go. I would like kids to be able to join with the understanding there would be restrictions to who could “get to them”. FYI: Yours is the first thing that popped up when I Googled “Facebook age requirement”. So there’s our 2 cents!! Let’s start a petition. ;0)) JK. Good luck!

  5. uhh ya I thought you had to be 14 but when I went to change my B-day down it said you have to be 18… and I was like WTF? anda kid in my class (13) has hisyear of birth as 1995, whats up with that?

  6. i thought u hadd 2 b14teen but then i remembered that my friend was only 13 and had facebook so yhat wasnt the age I think that if u have your parents permission u should be a ble 2 join up i mean i am 12 and pretty mature and i have myspace a swell and facebook seems alot safer.

  7. You have to be in HIGH SCHOOL. Unless you’re out of highschool – like, done.
    Being 14 and in Junior High doesn’t count.
    HIGH SCHOOL is the clincher…

  8. I’d support a requirement that you have to be 18! If you’re under 18, use myspace.

    • noooooo, way, that will totally not work, i am 13, and io am getting a facebook soon,my parents will have my password, and they will check on what i said, and if they want to, they can change my password, and not let me have the new password until i obey, or pull upp my grades, then after that, they will give me my password back, i am saying nooooo, being 18, wont fly for facebook, i like chatting with my friends on facebook!!(FACEBOOK IS A TEEN’S LIFE, DUH!!!)

    • no brian you need to tell your parents how wrong they are

  9. Haha, Im in Elementry School (May in 5th grade) and it was rlly fun, lots of my friends have it BUT I got suspended and now my parents r bein all bossy so I cant have one in 2 yrs. God…

  10. My 9 year old wnts to be on facebook. He asked when would I let him. I still hae no answer for him.

  11. My grandaughter is 12 she is on Facebook do not approve of it. I don t like what she puts on it. Also the comments from people she talks to. She was 11 when she joined. She is to young she doesn t understand some of the comments that are mentioned to her. Facebook should make it impossible for young kids to join. How can we get her off of Facebook.


  13. you must change the age limit of facebook
    it says that you must be below 60

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