Blog News: Premium Status

Well, I am working on the blog again today. It is going okay right now. A few conflicts, but I am resolving them… I would like to announce a few statuses I will be adding. If you donate to the site then you will get Premium status. Please note you must donate 10 credits or more. You are allowed to donate less, but you won’t get Premium status. I am working on the special abilities, and things donators will get. If we can get about 15 credits + a month, then our site will become greatly better. I need your help or else this site can never hit its full potential.

Also, I will be giving contributor status away. This is not something where you can just donate. You must earn it, and it can only be given by me. You must comment many posts, be nice, and be helpful to earn this. I will release more information in a few weeks about this.


Matthew Albert


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