Public Colleges Getting Ridiculously Hard To Get Into

Each year colleges get harder and harder to get into. It isn’t just private colleges, but also public colleges. They have sky rocketing requirements that are becoming crazy. University of Georgia is one of the #1 public universities in Georgia. It used to be where you could have a 1225 and 3.5 (unweighted) and get into it about 4 years ago. Now you may not even get in if you have a 1300 and 3.75 GPA. This has been a gradual increase, and not just a big bump in one year. From my knowledge this year will be a huge jump up. The demand for people wanting to go to UGA increases every year, and this year there are a tremendous amount of people wanting to go there. That means that they are going to get even tougher this year. I thought they would never get harder than 1275 by a few years, but WOW was I wrong. I was planning on trying to go there when I get older, but I know I can’t have all A’s my whole 4 years, and have a 1450. Who knows it might even be harder to get in since of the demand of students. Not only have the requirements gone up, but also the prices have sky rocketed. Please express your thoughts on this post.


Chetah Girl Eliminated From Dancing With The Stars

Last week there was a stunner on the elimination night. No one thought that the Chetah Girl would go home. That night it was a shocker because Cameron and Sobrina were in the bottom two. Many people were thinking Cameron is gone for sure, but all the sudden they said Sobrina. The judges were very amazed by how this had happened. That day they used the excuse that everyone would vote for her, so people didn’t need to vote for her. Whether or not this was true it was still horrible. The hosts said that sometimes a stunner is what an audience needs to get a wake up call. The next day she was inteviewed on “Good Morning America”, and she said she did do some things wrong. First off she admitted that she did not take judges input much from last time and she was told that overdoing it would possibly comeback dangerously. She thanked her partner, and now she is back home. I believe however that she was not voted off due to laziness, but because she did not do that good of a job. I am by no means saying she did a bad job, but she just had a bad week. Everyone does so  good that you can’t have a bad week ever. There are a few occasions where it can fly, but she didn’t get lucky enough to get one of those occasions. This week in support everyone wore a paw to honor her. Hopefully she is happy and doing okay.

User Limit, Domain, And Other Information

    Our website currently will have a user limit. We have to have a user limit unless we get more donations. We can have 35 users max until we get enough money for it. It will cost approximately $35 per year or we can buy $0.25 per day. If you would like to donate now would be a good time. All donations will go toward the website. If you do donate please donate by making a account (make sure it isn’t and buy credits. The credits are the system for getting upgrades.

Our website will be getting a domain shortly. As I said before I guaranteed a domain at 100,000 hits. I will try to stick with it, but if we have only a little bit of activity and lots of hits, then it is very bad. We need you to do your part by posting comments. If I see this website more active, then there will be more incentive to get the domain. It will obviously cost money, so all donations will work.

Also in other news I am very glad. We are over 2000 site hits which is outstanding for the short period of time we have been here. I don’t know what I am doing right, but I will try to keep it up. In addition, I request that you try your hardest to invite friends to come and be active. Also I need you on your best behavior because I can’t be moderating your actions, mainly your comments, 24/7. I will start allowing a few others to be able to write posts too soon. To earn this right you must be active, follow rules, and have my trust.

Kids Addicted To Games

It seems everyday a larger number of kids are addicted to games. The games they are addicted for them are not bad in normal usage, but in large amounts they can be terrible. Studies show that WoW gets about 30-40% of the players on it addicted the first time. The game uses special techniques to make players want to play more and more. The addiction is harder to kill than quitting Crystal Meth. Many people believe that the game triggers a part of your game, and it almost “hypnotizes” you. WoW is not the only game that is addicting. Runescape is another addicting game and it is an MMORPG. It is very hard to quit, and I know this for a fact because I had to quit and it took about a year. I still have urges to come back and play it. All it takes for me is one day back and there is atleast a month for me to quit again. Blocking all the ports and websites will not stop these gamers. Some parents wonder what to do, but there is no one solution. Even taking their computer away will do no good, and it may cause depression. Kids can get combative if they do not get to play their game when they want to. Please leave thoughts about this.

Xbox 360 Online Player Behavior

Have you ever been insulted because you sounded young, were playing bad, or some other bad thing? Well, I used to have the same things happen to me on Xbox 360. Young players now-a-days do not get the same treatment from older players. Someone might be 14 with a little high of a voice for a 14 year old and be called “gay” or “sucky”. Also people are like “Everyone mute this noob with a high person!” These people are just very wrong and don’t need to play. They can simply mute the player they are annoyed by because usually the player isn’t doing it on purpose. It seems to many people, including me, that they enjoy this type of harassment. If you do this you are not only hurting your team if your on that persons team, but you truly do annoy others. Others are scared to do it because they think they will lose their reputation if they stick up for someone being bullied. For example in Halo 3 many times they will be extremely rude in the lobby. The ones that are rude usually put their team down the whole game with mean comments and actually end up doing pretty bad. It just really bothers me because they don’t understand we all don’t have perfect lives. They don’t even think that sometimes they have a bad game. It really makes me wonder “Did this spread because of them getting teased?” I think this might be the reason because they want others to have to feel the pain. So next time you see someone online getting insulted for no valid reason stand up for the victim. Please leave thoughts on how you feel when this happens to you or a friend.

Myspace Advertising Opinion

Myspace has been having a lot of advertising problems. They have taken many steps to stop it, but it is just to big to halt. The main way marketers advertise is by posting on their website. Usually they do this by hacking the person and posting a picture or ad. The hacker makes it easy because they usually have macros to do it for them, and it gets the word out to many people. One step Myspace has taken is allow a user to make people have to get their comment approved by the profile owner before it appears to other. This appears so far to be working out a lot better, however the advertisers still can advertise to these people. It happens to almost every account because they find ways to key log you for your password. Once they get your password there is no way to stop them. Facebook does not have this problem, and I am trying to figure out why. I believe it is probably because Myspace is easier to give viruses or that Myspace is older. Please express your thoughts on this topic.

Site Popularity Increase

Wowzers! Our site has jumped up increasing very quickly. We will have over 1000 hits in less than 2 days. That is amazing for being a 2 day old site. I am looking in on some upgrades to the site. FYI: These weren’t advertised by me, but by you fellow citizens. Thanks so much for helping this site grow and remember to keep advertising.